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Ecology and Nature

         We deal with distribution of ecological cleaning products, which do not require the use of chemical sources. A special sponge made from carefully chosen fibres or micro-fibres can be used to clean every surface regardless of dirt, using only water and excluding detergents. All products are covered with guarantee. In case of purchasing household products the guarantee is valid for 18 months, and in case of industrial purchase - 6 months. A product line called New Cleaning Technique is distributed through a network marketing of the name Multi Level Marketing. Thanks to the idea a few thousand of households and hundreds of enterprises have profited from our offer, and a large number of people have found additional source of their incomes changing it ,after a while, for an only form of making a living.

"Raypath" company is a JoinVenture partnership existing on the market since 1994. The company's head in Austria is located in Vienna. "Raypath" branches are located as well in USA, Canada, Polen, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Russia. In total, more and more people gather around "Raypath", who are later called Consultants.

Everyone can become a Consultant, providing they have their own sponsor (a sponsor is a consultant cooperating with "Raypath"), undergo a free of charge training, sign a contract, purchase an Initial Set, and most of all, everyone who is strongly motivated to succeed in their own business.

A discount system gives everyone considerable earning possibilities and reached success is the evaluation of the efforts put in work. While building a sales group you can always count on consultants' assistance who are on the higher level, as well as, instructors who run the trainings.

On behalf of our company I would like to invite You to have the use of our offer addressed to future clients, as well as, to people seeking possibilities for succeeding in their own businesses.

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